Feilkoder i Altinn.

Feilkode Beskrivelse (eng)
Common Error Codes 1 – 1000
GeneralError 0 Denotes a general error
NullObjectReference 1 Denotes an error caused by a null reference
MissingRight 14 Authorization error - Subject does not have required right
HookActivationFailed 90 Error given when hook activation fails
IncorrectLevel 17 User is not authenticated on the correct level
RequiresLevel1 18 Requires level 1
RequiresLevel2 19 Requires level 2
RequiresLevel3 20 Requires level 3
RequiresLevel4 21 Requires level 4
ExternalSystemAuthentication 989 External system authentication failed
Common Error Codes 10000 - 20000
AccessDenied 10000 Database error - Access denied
Hook Error Codes 20001 - 21000
ServiceCannotBeStarted 20001 Hook error - Service cannot be started
ServiceCannotBeStartedForCurrentReporte 20002 Hook error - Service cannot be started for the current reportee
NoValidSubscriptionData 20003
NoValidReporteeAgeAndStatus 20004
TUL Error Codes 21001 - 23000
ServiceEditionCodeAlreadyExists 21001 TUL Error - Service edition code exists already
FileNotFound 21002 TUL Error - File not found
DataAreaTypeNotFound 21003 TUL Error - Data area type not found
RootNodeNotFound 21004 TUL Error - Root node not found
DoesNotExists 21005 TUL Error - (something) does not exist
NotImpersonatedOrAuthorised 21006 TUL Error - User is not impersonated or authorized
EntrySiteDoesNotExists 21007 TUL Error - Entry site does not exist
IDZeroORNegative 21008 TUL Error - ID is zero or negative
ServiceEditionInProduction 21009 TUL Error - Service edition is already in production
RequiredFieldNotSupplied 21010 TUL Error - Required field is not supplied
CannotBeNull 21011 TUL Error - (something) cannot be null
UserNotAuthorized 21012 TUL Error - User is not authorized
IncorrectClientConfiguration 21013 TUL Error - Incorrect client configuration
IncorrecctArguement 21014 TUL Error - Incorrect argument
GetDeploymentPackagesFailed 21015 TUL Error - GetDeploymentPackages failed
GetDeploymentPackageFailed 21016 TUL Error - GetDeploymentPackage failed
ServiceEditionValidationFailed 21017 TUL Error - Service edition validation failed
DeploymentPackageCreationFailed 21018 TUL Error - Deployment package creation failed
ServiceEditionMigrationFailed 21019 TUL Error - Service edition migration failed
UnableToReachSBLService 21020 TUL Error - Unable to reach SBL service
CallToSBLWCFOperationFailed 21021 TUL Error - Call to SBL WCF operation failed
UnexpectedErrorDuringMigration 21022 TUL Error - Unexpected error during migration
ValueNotDefinedInEnum 21023 TUL Error - Value is not defined in enum
BEObjectCannotBeNull 21024 TUL Error - Business Entity object cannot be null
XsdNotFoundOrXsnNotUploaded 22985 TUL Error - XSD not found or XSN not uploaded
ServiceDoesNotExist 22986 TUL Error - Service does not exist
ServiceHasAlreadyBeenDeleted 22987 TUL Error - Service has already been deleted
ServiceEditionHasAlreadyBeenDeleted 22988 TUL Error - Service edition has already been deleted
ServiceEditionHasBeenDeleted 22989 TUL Error - Service edition has been deleted
ServiceHasBeenDeleted 22990 TUL Error - Service has been deleted
ServiceOwnerUrlAlreadyExists 22991 TUL Error - Service owner URL already exists
UserDoesNotHaveRightsToCreateSites 22992 TUL Error - User does not have rights to create sites
UnexpectedErrorInRetrievingGuid 22993 TUL Error - Unexpected error in retrieving GUID
DataRetrievalFailed 22994 TUL Error - Data retrieval failed
UnexpectedErrorInSettingStatus 22995 TUL Error - Unexpected error in setting status
SiteCreationFailed 22996 TUL Error - Site creation failed
SuppliedGuidIsNullOrEmpty 22997 TUL Error - Supplied GUID is null or empty
DuplicateXsdInFormSet 22998 TUL Error - Duplicate XSD in formset
ServiceShortNameExists 22999 TUL Error - Service short name already exists
ServiceEditionShortNameAlreadyExists 21025 TUL Error - Service edition short name already exists
ServiceCodeAlreadyExists 21026 TUL Error - Service code already exists
SpecificationDataMissing 21027 TUL Error - Specification data missing
NoAuthorizationRulesDefined 21028 TUL Error - No authorization rules have been defined for this service edition.
RoleNameAreadyExists 21029 TUL Error - No authorization rules have been defined for this service edition.
SBLOperationTimedOut 21030 TUL Error - Migration timed out
Integration Error Codes 30001 - 31000
NotAuthorizedForReportee 30001 Integration error - Not authorized for reportee
NotAuthorizedForSignature 30002 Integration error - Not authorized for signature
NotAValidService 30003 Integration error - Not a valid service
ArgumentNullException 30004 Integration error - Argument is null
NotAValidServiceOwnerCode 30005 Integration error - Not a valid service owner code
InValidServiceEditionVersion 30006 Integration error - Invalid service edition version
FileNotExist 30007 Integration error - File does not exist
SBL External Error Codes 40001 - 41000
LanguageCodeCannotBeNull 40001 SBL External error - Language code cannot be null
MessageBodyCannotBeNull 40002 SBL External error - Message body cannot be null
MessageTitleCannotBeNull 40003 SBL External error - Message title cannot be null
MessageSummaryCannotBeNull 40004 SBL External error - Message summary cannot be null
ExternalReferenceCannotBeNull 40005 SBL External error - External reference cannot be null
ExternalServiceCodeCannotBeNull 40006 SBL External error - External service code cannot be null
ReporteeCannotBeNull 40007 SBL External error - Reportee cannot be null
SystemUserCodeCannotBeNull 40008 SBL External error - System user code cannot be null
CorrespondenceCanNotBeDeleted 40009 SBL External error - Correspondence cannot be deleted
ElementCanNotBeDeleted 40010 SBL External error - Element cannot be deleted
PersonHasStrictlyConfidentialAddress 40011 SBL External error - Person has strictly confidential address
FormDataIsNotValid 40012 SBL External error - Form data is not valid
ServiceIsNotValid 40013 SBL External error - Service is not valid
InValidNumberOfReceipents 40014 SBL External error - Invalid number of receipients
InvalidFormatSmsAndEmail 40015 SBL External error - Invalid SMS
InvalidSSN 40016 SBL External error - Invalid SSN
ReceiverAddressNull 40017 No receiver address
ControlWorkflowSentComplete 40018 Control Workflow Sent Complete
InvalidServiceType 40019 Invalid Service Type
InvalidEmailAddressForFromAddress 40020 The From Address must be skipped or contain a valid email address.
Authorization Error Codes 50001 - 51000
DelegateRolesBEInputInvalid 50001 This error code is used when the party a user wants to delegate a role or right to, does not exist.
GeoLocationIsMandatory 50002 This is used when geo location has not been supplied
InvalidGeoLocation 50003 This is used when geo location format is not correct
CoveredByUserIDRequired 50004 This is used when delegation type is SSN,UserName and CoveredByUserID has not been supplied
CoveredByPartyIDRequired 50005 This is used when delegation type is Organization and CoveredByPartyID has not been supplied
CannotDelegateToEnterpriseCertifiedUser 50006 This is used when roles or rights of an enterprise/user not represented by an enterprise certified user is being delegated to an enterprise certified user.
CannotDelegateANonDelegatableRole 50007 This is used when someone is trying to delegate a non-delegatable role
InvalidOrgNumber 50008 When the OrgNo is not proper or does not exist
InvalidUserDetails 50009 When the SSN or Last Name or UserName are not valid or a user with the combination does not exist
UserDoesNotHaveProfessionalConsent 50010 When user does not have professional consent
InvalidGeoLocationFormat 50011 Geo location is in incorrect format
CannotDelegateDenyOnOtherResources 50012 Cannot delegate Deny type right on resources other than reporteeElement.
RoleTypeNameNotUnique 50013 RoleTypeName is not unique
RoleTypeBeenDelegated 50014 RoleType has been Delegated
RoleTypeLanguagesNotValid 50015 RoleTypeLanguagesNotValid
DeleteRolesAndRightsFailure 50016 DeleteRolesAndRightsFailure
SelfDelegationIsNotAllowed 50017 Delegation to self is not allowed
RoleTypeCodeNotMigrated 50018 RoleTypeCodeNotMigrated
ResourceHasNoRule 50019 RuleHasNoRight
Collaboration Service Error Codes 60001 - 70001
InvalidCaseID 60001 Invalid Case ID
InvalidCaseIdentifier 60002 Invalid Service Code and Service Edition Code Combination and Invalid CaseID
InvalidLanguage 60003 Invalid Language ID
ExceededCharacterLimit 60004 Character Limit Exceeded.
InvalidReporteeElement 60005 Invalid Reportee Element
UnarchivedCorrespondenceException 60006 For correspondences services which have not been archived
UnarchivedReportingServicesException 60007 For Form Task services which have not been archived
ReporteeElementInAnotherCase 60008 For Reportee element is already associated to another case
InvalidServiceInCollaborationServiceSet 60009 For A Service, not available in Collaboration Service Set
InvalidReporteeID 60010 Invalid Reportee ID
InvalidNoticeTemplateID 60011 Invalid NoticeTemplateID
InvalidReporteeNumber 60012 Mandatory ReporteeNumber
ArchivedOrDeletedCaseID 60013 Case is already archived or deleted
ArchivedCaseID 60014 Case is archived.So no processing allowed.
DeletedCaseID 60015 Case is Deleted. So no processing allowed.
InvalidElement 60016 The element is unavailable.
UnassociatedElement 60017 The element is not associated with any Case.
DeletedElement 60018 The element is deleted.
ArchivedElement 60019 The element is archived.
InvalidNoticeTokenID 60020 Invalid notice Token
InvalidNoticeTokenValue 60021 Invalid notice Token Value
InvalidEventIdentifier 60022 Invalid Event Identifiers
InvalidEventName 60023 Invalid Event Name
UnauthorizedServiceOwner 60024 Service Owner is unauthorized
MissingNoticeTokens 60025 Missing Notice Tokens
WorkFlowValidationException 60026 Received WorkFlow Exception
WorkFlowInitiationException 60027 Workflow Initiation Exception
MissingWorkflowInstance 60028 Missing Workflow Instance
WorkFlowGenericException 60029 WorkFlow Generic Exception
EventDeliveryFailed 60030 Event Delivery Failed
MissingEventName 60031 Missing Event Name
UnavailableStateMachineEvents 60032 Unavailable State Machine Events
SMDI Error Codes - 70001 - 80001
IncorrectService 70001 Incorrect service details
IncorrectWorkFlow 70002 Incorrect process work flow details
IncorrectServiceEditionVersion 70003 Incorrect Service Edition Version details
IncorrectEventHook 70004 Incorrect Event Hook details
IncorrectReportingService 70005 Incorrect Reporting Service details
IncorrectCorrespondenceService 70006 Incorrect Correspondence Service details
IncorrectLookupService 70007 Incorrect Lookup Service details
IncorrectCollaborationReUse 70008 Incorrect Collaboration Service - ReUseData details
IncorrectFormset 70009 Incorrect Form Set details
IncorrectLogicalForm 70010 Incorrect Form Set details
IncorrectSplitData 70011 Incorrect Split of data details
IncorrectTranslation 70012 Incorrect Translation details
IncorrectDeployForm 70013 Incorrect FormTemplate uploaded
IncorrectSecurity 70014 Incorrect Roles & Rights details
IncorrectCollaborationServices 70015 Incorrect Collaboration Service - ServicesInCollaboration details
IncorrectCollaborationStateMachine 70016 Incorrect Collaboration Service - StateMachine details
IncorrectStyleSheet 70017 Incorrect StyleSheet details
IncorrectPIImages 70018 Incorrect StyleSheet - Images details
IncorrectPI 70019 Incorrect PI details