Testing in Altinn Studio

An app can be tested in Altinn Studio without migrating to a test environment. This is a way to check that the app looks and behaves as expected.

Testing is available once a data model has been uploaded to the service.

  1. Select Test -> Manuell in the top navigation menu.
  2. Select a test user from the list of available users.
  3. Choose to start a new instance, or to reuse an existing instance (if any are available). By using an existing instance, data used in a previous instance can be re-used.
Test en app i Altinn Studio

Test en app i Altinn Studio

The following can be tested in Altinn Studio:

  • Layout/look of service
  • Client-side validations on data model
  • Dynamics (f.ex. hide/show)
  • Client-side API calls
  • Loading of code lists

The following needs to be tested in a complete test environment:

  • Server-side logic (validation/calculation)
  • Server-side API calls

Complete test environments are currently not available. The documentation will be updated when it is possible to test a service in a test environment.