Information on how to navigate to and within an app.

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All apps are displayed on the dashboard. Navigate to a specific app by selecting the app from the dashboard.

Editing an app in Altinn Studio

There are two navigation menus, a top menu and a side menu (left side). The top menu allows navigation between functional areas of a app. The left menu is used for navigation within each functional area.

Menus in Altinn Studio

Menus in Altinn Studio

  • About the app (Om)

    • About the app
    • Roles and rights
    • Production information
    • Version history
    • About the end user
  • Developing the app (Lage)

    • Data model
    • UX Editor
    • API
  • Languages for the app (Språk)

    • Texts
    • More languages
  • Testing the app (Teste)

    • Test
  • Deploying the app (Publisere)

    • Deploy to production
    • Status